We Celebrate

Christmas 2017

I can’t believe it has already been two weeks since Christmas! I feel like it came and went SO fast this year.

Literally nothing I had planned went as expected, but we were so lucky to be surrounded by lots of family and (too much) food. This will definitely be one we won’t forget!

We kicked off the holiday season by visiting Santa. We were totally expecting Beckham to scream his face off, especially since Stranger Danger is a big thing in our house right now. But he was surprisingly content sitting in Santa’s lap (it may have actually been the candy cane or the beard.. but hey, there’s a smile).


We knew Christmas was going to be hard this year as it was the first without my mom and mother-in-law, so we busied ourselves with our plans for Christmas parties and festive events. We hosted Christmas for my family (on my dad’s side) for the first time, and I’m so glad that we did! I warned everyone that there would possibly be a sighting from an Asian Santa Claus, and sure enough he showed up in proper fashion! He even let us know that Santa was so dark because he just got back from Cancun. My cheeks hurt so bad from laughing so hard.



IMG_4623These are all of my cousin’s kiddos. We are missing six here! These babes sure love seeing each other. IMG_7917


Although I hardly took any pictures because I was running around like crazy, Christmas #1 was a success.

On Christmas Eve, we made a trip to Garland to visit my grandparents on my mom’s side.      Beckham got spoiled with gifts– his favorites were his puppy and new chair. My favorite was the tea cup and ceramic plate my grandma had when she was a child that she gifted him. So special! They are not big on photos, but they promised me just one. 😉


We had Robert’s cousins over to stay the night on Christmas Eve and share in our Christmas festivities. We lit a fire, baked and decorated cookies, prepared a few dishes for the next day, drank hot cocoa and watched Home Alone. Hopefully this tradition sticks around, cousins and all.



The next morning was super crazy trying to get everything prepared for the Le family Christmas, so we ended up skipping our family Christmas with Beckham until later in the evening. Robert made THE best turkey, the Le clan rolled egg rolls, our Asian Santa made yet another special appearance, and all of the Le cousins huddled around the Christmas tree and opened about 543 gifts.. each. Beckham was spoiled yet again, but was totally more amused with random pieces of cardboard than anything else.



After the Le clan left, we had a super quick celebration just amongst the three of us. Beckham was so exhausted by this point and was just over it, but it was good to end the day on a high note with my little fam.

We had planned to go to Enchant Christmas the week before Christmas, but there was basically a tsunami the night we bought tickets. We ended up claiming a rain check, and of course, we picked THE COLDEST night of the year. We hardly even questioned the snow we saw as we spotted the entrance; it ended up being a snow machine, but was completely suitable for the weather. It was a neat experience, but something we will probably skip out on next year. The lights were really awesome though! Beckham, on the other hand, was less than amused.

This year marked so many firsts- not all good, not all bad. It was a hard year, but am so thankful we made it through as a family. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season with the people you love most!

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